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Great Plans Ahead for the Spring


Hey guys I wanted to write a quick blog post about what me and my family have planned for Spring and some great ideas for Spring time.

For example, my sister has a soccer tournament in Las Vegas and all of our family is taking off going there and setting up camp! It’s going to be a blast and we’re going to be kicking it Las Vegas style.

I’ve never been to Las Vegas but many of my friends have, I have heard some crazy stories to say the least. I hear you can drink on the streets, almost like Mardi Gras. So meant that I need to get a friend out here who will party with me.

Some other ideas for Spring

1. Washing DC cherry blossom festival

2. The Niagara Falls

3. Toronto

4. Chicago

5. NYC

It is without question that I will be visiting most of these places in the next 5 years. I am determined to kill my job, and get my decorating business off the ground. I will do everything in my power to get things together and have the best arsenal of friends and fun things to do where everyday is an adventure.

I will work hard from 5 AM and just bust out content all day long. I will blanket the whole internet space and it will become my great play ground.

Where is the best place to eat in every city? I recommend using something like  yelp because you will be having the great choices with that, there is no chance you will be able to choose a bad restaurant if you go through this route. That’s pretty exciting for me.

Another thing I want to report on is what sort of decoration is great for spring?

I recommend bright colors and designs with floral designs on it. It will really give your house a refreshing feeling which is perfect for Spring.

There is great Home Decoration ideas if you go get some magazines which I constantly browse through also google search is pretty cool as well.

There is amazing fun thing to do even if you go shopping. Stop and smell the roses as they say. There is more beauty that we pass by everyday so I suggest everyone stop from time to time and observe nature you will be glad you did.

Talk to you soon.

Decorating Idea / Proposal for Limo Owner


I have been chatting with a limousine owner lately about decorating inside his limousine, there’s many ideas that came to mind because I do have good experience when it comes to making new and unique designs fro my clients.

When it comes to customizing designs for homes i’m a master.

But this limo owner approached me the other day looking for some design ideas, so I went on to say that I do not have experience in remodeling a limo but I can give you few pointers that may help.

1. use bright colors


2. good to make new designs and architect but make sure to think about creating a spacious feeling

3. bigger is not always better, and expensive is not always better. There’s many cheap options to recreate a great piece of art just use your imagination.

4. When you get stuck on what ideas to implement just study the competition and out do them.

5. think about your target audience. most likely limo rental people aren’t interested in gardening or weaving, so cater to what they like. such as partying, drinking, dancing, and having a great time.

6. make the theme limo central but incorporate other unrelated themes. This one is a big one, because everyone thinks you have to focus on exactly one topic but that’s not true, there’s many decorating genius ideas that are born out of artists risky idea to try something completely off the wall. In the case of limo decorating, it could prove valuable to create a very unique theme inside! And god knows as a Sterling Heights Limo company he needs all the edge he can get!

7. aesthetic is important but comfort is more important. Of course we want everything to look dazzling, and nice but if you go overboard you may begin to lower the comfort level of the limo. for example. get a really nice speaker but if you get one that’s too nice it may be unfit for a small inside of a limo. Decorate with lighting but it may be too much if the strobe light is too intense to cause seizures.


With these 7 fresh limo ideas, I sent the guy off thinking well he’s just going to play with the idea and that’s it. low and behold, he calls me back a week later to let me know he has begun a new project of redesigning one of his fleet by using my ideas!

wow ! I was not expecting that.

So this was a big boost of my week which I desperately needed because lately I’ve been losing bit of confidence if this can turn into a real profession. I’m just following my passion because it feels right to do but sometimes the financial woes get to me and I get a bit distracted derailed. I will tell you one thing though, there is more opportunity out there in the world if you just begin taking actions and look for it.

Well that’s it for me guys.

I will talk to you soon.

get it touch with me if you want to talk about decoration or remodeling work.

The Amazing Interior Design Ideas

I realized that I had written about my mom’s Christmas Decoration but had failed to write about my own. Since I have only recently moved to my new (somewhat larger) place I had to come to the realization that decoration that would cover my two room apartment would not do the trick for my townhouse. The problem I had to deal with in decorating this year was that I had more space to decorate and far less money due to the whole grad school thing. I’ll start with my tree!

I have had my artificial tree for three years. I bought it when it was marked down after Christmas the year before I moved out of my parents home. I have been collecting ornaments for it every year. I am very picky about the ornaments that go on my tree. I have to really like them or they don’t make the tree. I only have one set of generic red and silver balls on the tree to make sure the tree is covered.

Below is my newest ornament from this year. As you probably know I am quiet a dog lover and I thought this ornament looked like my Dog Hope (lovingly referred to as Hopie Dog). I picked this ornament up at TJ Maxx for around $7.


Next up is my TV cabinet decoration (yes I know my TV is small compared to the cabinet…it’s a money thing and it hasn’t become a priority yet). I simply decided to flank the TV with a snowman I had purchased after Christmas last year and with the Good Will vase that I redid in an earlier post. In the corner of the photo you can see an old faithful snow man that was one of my earliest pieces of Christmas decoration that I bought for my office while I was taking unemployment insurance claims (short time period in my life between undergraduate and grad school). I love that snowman though so I haven’t been able to part with him.

Next up, is my decorated wall shelves. I chose to keep the shelves very minimal as I did with my Thanksgiving decor. I liked the looks of the metal paired up with the muted tones of my Precious Moments Christmas pieces. I always display my Precious Moments nativity as a way of including some connection to the true meaning of Christmas. I bought the hanging lantern in a specialty store in Williamsburg, Va and I added the bow to give it a Christmasy look. You might also remember that I bought the once silver candle stand on the other end of the display at the thrift store and gave it a coat of black paint to freshen it up.

Next up is my plant stand that normally sits in the living room (it had to give its spot to the tree). I placed the plant stand at the bottom of my stairs to add some decor to that area. The Poinsettias in a vase were bought at Burke’s Outlet last year and I have had the Cherished Teddies figurine for a couple years now, it came from TJ Maxx.

Lastly, is my pathetically small amount of upstairs decor. The picture below is it. I put this small tree (purchased at dollar tree) on my plant stand at the top of the stairs and filled in the bottom of the stand with a snowman decoration that I picked up either last year or the year before.

I know I have a way to go in getting my whole house decorated..but there is always next year right!

Hopefully everyone had a great Christmas and New Years with their families and friends!!