Great Plans Ahead for the Spring


Hey guys I wanted to write a quick blog post about what me and my family have planned for Spring and some great ideas for Spring time.

For example, my sister has a soccer tournament in Las Vegas and all of our family is taking off going there and setting up camp! It’s going to be a blast and we’re going to be kicking it Las Vegas style.

I’ve never been to Las Vegas but many of my friends have, I have heard some crazy stories to say the least. I hear you can drink on the streets, almost like Mardi Gras. So meant that I need to get a friend out here who will party with me.

Some other ideas for Spring

1. Washing DC cherry blossom festival

2. The Niagara Falls

3. Toronto

4. Chicago

5. NYC

It is without question that I will be visiting most of these places in the next 5 years. I am determined to kill my job, and get my decorating business off the ground. I will do everything in my power to get things together and have the best arsenal of friends and fun things to do where everyday is an adventure.

I will work hard from 5 AM and just bust out content all day long. I will blanket the whole internet space and it will become my great play ground.

Where is the best place to eat in every city? I recommend using something likeĀ  yelp because you will be having the great choices with that, there is no chance you will be able to choose a bad restaurant if you go through this route. That’s pretty exciting for me.

Another thing I want to report on is what sort of decoration is great for spring?

I recommend bright colors and designs with floral designs on it. It will really give your house a refreshing feeling which is perfect for Spring.

There is great Home Decoration ideas if you go get some magazines which I constantly browse through also google search is pretty cool as well.

There is amazing fun thing to do even if you go shopping. Stop and smell the roses as they say. There is more beauty that we pass by everyday so I suggest everyone stop from time to time and observe nature you will be glad you did.

Talk to you soon.

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