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Hi Everyone, I guess I took another long hiatus from posting. I think this blog has been trying to find its identity for a while. On the bright side, Budget Friendly Decorating is getting a whole new look courtesy of a wonderful Etsy seller in the UK (more on that coming soon). With that said, today’s post is about how to steal a Neiman Marcus look for your home on a budget.

The inspiration for this post came from my recent visit to cool company in Sterling Heights, can you imagine it a budget decorating blogger/slash college student in Neiman Marcus? I couldn’t afford to walk in the door really, but I decided to have fun with it. I wrapped up in a Burberry scarf and marveled at Shoes that cost more than my rent for a month. I couldn’t help feeling a little like Carrie Bradshaw, I’m not going to lie :)

Getting to the point, I decided to put together a Neiman Marcus look and then match it on a much more budget friendly level to prove that you don’t have to own a vacation home or have a bank account in the Cayman Islands to live in luxury. I decided to put together a bedroom look made up entirely of Neiman Marcus items and then match it with much more cost efficient items. One rule I made for my experiment was that luxury could not be compromised.

For your shopping pleasure, you can find all the Neiman Marcus items at their website and I will be providing links to all the items in the budget version.

Every great bedroom starts with great bedding right? So here goes…

Can you pick which bedding side is Neiman Marcus and which is the budget side? Can you?

Okay, I will tell you..the left side is Neiman Marcus and the right side is the budget side.


Save Cash!

Budget Shopping Guide (Start with the large photo and move clockwise): Headboard set $375.99 LilyKayy on Etsy, Duvet and two pillows $199.99 Very Wang on Overstock, White 400CT sheet set $60.29 Hemstitch on Overstock, Eurosham (1) $80.00 LivyPaigeDesigns on Etsy, White throw pillow (not same as pictured) $29.50 TheHomeCentric on Etsy, Pink abstract pillow $26.36 SYoungPhotography on Etsy.

Total Neiman Marcus bedding: $1604.00, Total Budget: $772.13, Savings: $831.87!!

Up next we compare bedside table accessories.

Once again, the left is Neiman Marcus and the right is the budget side.

Budget Shopping Guide: Mosaic Frame $33.00 GreenStreetMosaics on Etsy, Bunny $12.50 ShopatGeris on Etsy, Nesting cloud $42.00 JDWolfePottery on Etsy, Candle $25.99 Terramae&CO on Etsy, and Mid Century Lamps $149.00 Charliesnest on Etsy.

Total Neiman Marcus accessories: $2250, Total Budget Accessories: $262.49, Savings: $1987.51!!

Up next, we have a comparison for the rugs, curtains, above bed art (mirrors) and wall art.

We have Neiman Marcus on the left again and the budget design on the right.

Budget Shopping Guide: Art $499.00 ArtbyOak1 on Etsy, Mirrors 29.99 Threshold at Target, Curtains $380.00 LittleBurpsnGiggles on Etsy, Rug $205.77 Overstock.

Total Neiman Marcus: $2920, Total Budget: 1114.76, Savings: $1805.24!!

Next up, you got to have some furniture right…

You know the routine, Neiman on the left, Budget on the right.

I also did some limousine designs the other day and I am getting more and more inspiration lately to do more limousine designs as well. So that is a big plus for me to do the interior of a limousine its really fun. Click here for their site.

Your budget shopping guide: glass vanity $349.95 Pier1, glass chest $599.95 Pier1, glass bench $149.95 Pier1, lingerie chest $449.95 Pier1, and (not pictured) antique white chair $199.97 Kirklands.

Total Neiman Marcus: $7553.00, Total Budget: $1749.77, Savings: $5803.23!!

Last but not least the vase collection for the side wall console…


The left is Neiman Marcus and the right is the budget vases.

Shopping: You can get the budget vase at VioletteGlass on Etsy $68.00 (price is for one). For the look you will need to buy all 5 colors.

The Neiman Marcus total: $4675, Budget Total: $340, Savings: $4335.00

Thats it, the whole do over. If you haven’t been keeping track, allow me to do the math for you…

The complete Neiman Marcus look: $19,002.00

The complete budget look: $4239.15

Total Savings: $14,762.85

I was able to redo the entire room for less than 10% of the Neiman Marcus price tag. Also, you will notice in the “budget” room, you get a Vera Wang bedding set, original art, and lots of handmade and vintage goodies.

Want to save even more: You can go a little lower end than I have with the accessories and even the bedding by shopping discount stores such as TJMaxx, Big Lotts, and even local thrift shops. Also, if you DIY, you can save some big bucks.

I hope you enjoyed the makeover!!

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